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English summary

This is an short summary of Cederhusen. Please contact our real estate brokers if you have any questions or need more information.

Cederhusen in Hagastaden. Where nature is in the walls.

You know what it feels like to be out in the countryside surrounded by trees. You’re at one with nature. You feel calm yet energized. You’re part of something bigger. This is how you feel inside Cederhusen – an innovative, eco-friendly apartment-building built from timber.

Cederhusen is where craftsmanship, outstanding Nordic design and environmentally-smart construction combine to create an oasis in one of Stockholm’s most vibrant quarters.
Hagastaden is a growing community of apartments, restaurants, cafés and gyms just a stone’s throw from the tranquillity of Haga park. There’s the new subway line going downtown if you need more action.

You notice the attention to detail throughout Cederhusen. The single-strip parquet in white-stained ash. The windowsills made from natural stone. The interior surfaces made from oak veneer that exquisitely contrast the white painted walls. The apartments are arranged as you would expect in a modern building but there is little noise from your neighbours because the wood absorbs the sounds.

Surrounded by natural materials and the close proximity of the park, your senses come alive. You feel an enormous sense of well-being. You’re confident in the knowledge that the building is built to the very highest standards of quality and safety. And as the years pass, Cederhusen will age gracefully. Its wooden facade will take on a gentle silvery-grey patina complementing the rest of the quarter. When it rains outside, the smell of wood will always remind you of nature.

Cederhusen is made from sustainable massive timber so it’s greener than traditional concrete buildings. Every cubic meter of timber used in its construction will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by two tons.

Cederhusen – the natural choice for tomorrow’s environment today.


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